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Chat:Bridge 1.4

Chat:Bridge 1.4.3

Release Date: Sept 14, 2018


  • Support for Slack File Threads to Upload to Salesforce – this feature provides a more direct approach to sending files to Salesforce, from Slack message threads, rather than first uploading the file in the Slack channel.  Files may now be uploaded from desktop or Google Drive for posting to Salesforce.
  • Messages, including entire threads, from Slack public channels, maybe shared with specified Salesforce objects, as a new feed.
  • Salesforce fields may be masked prior to sending to Slack (ex: Account No: XXXXXXX096)
  • Salesforce Lookup, Boolean, Date and Datetime field types are also supported for creating Salesforce objects from Slack
  • Salesforce User mentions from Slack messages (format: @[Salesforce User Name])
  • Searching Salesforce objects in Slack returns Summary (if configured), as well as, PDF corresponding to the page layout for that object.
  • Layouts assigned to any Object Record Type may be selected for sharing with Slack.

Chat:Bridge 1.4

Release Date: May 29, 2018


  • Assign Slack Users with Salesforce Profiles
    • To manage Salesforce Object and Field-level accessibility to Slack Users, Slack Users may be associated with Salesforce Profiles that can more precisely control accesses to Salesforce data
  • Synchronize Slack Users and Channels with Chat:Bridge App in Salesforce
    • To ensure Chat:Bridge has the latest Slack Users and Channels in its local datastore in Salesforce
  • Option for sending Salesforce Object Summary (configured via a ‘Summary’ section in the layout) and/or Details (via full PDF rendering of the page layout) to Slack Channels and Users
  • Salesforce Files and Attachments are available in Chat:Bridge Quick Action to make it easier to send files to Slack Channels and Users.
  • Access to Salesforce Reports from Slack via /sfreport
    • Specific Salesforce Reports, accessible to the Slack Integration User account, may be retrieved from Salesforce by Slack Users
  • Support for posting Messages to Slack Private Channels, as well as, Direct Messages to Slack Users
  • Linking Salesforce Object with Slack Channel
    • Linking Salesforce Object with Slack Channel (Private or Public) makes it easier to exchange messages between the two without having to specify the specific Channel or Salesforce Objects in the message.
    • A Slack Channel may be linked to multiple Salesforce Objects.
  • Creating Salesforce Objects from Slack
    • Specific Objects may be chosen to be creatable from Slack, along with field configuration comprising of Required fields, as well as, fields with default values.
  • Posting messages to Slack from various Chatter Feed Types, adhering to the appropriate message structure with the Feed Type.
    • Supported FeedTypes:
      • AdvancedTextPost: announcement post and share post
      • ApprovalPost
      • CanvasPost
      • CollaborationGroupCreated
      • ContentPost
      • CreatedRecordEvent
      • DashboardComponentSnapshot
      • LinkPost
      • PollPost
      • ProfileSkillPost
      • QuestionPost
      • RypplePost
      • TextPost
      • TrackedChange
      • AttachArticleEvent
      • CallLogPost
      • CaseCommentPost
      • ChangeStatusPost
      • ChatTranscriptPost
      • EmailMessageEvent
      • MilestoneEvent
      • SocialPost

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