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Chat:Bridge Component Architecture


  • Chat:Bridge Salesforce Package
  • Chat:Bridge Slack App (hosted on Salesforce Heroku Platform)
  • Salesforce REST API
  • Slack REST API
  • Postgres DB (Salesforce Heroku Add-on)
  • Application Cache (Heroku Add-on) for transient context and data

Data flow from Salesforce to Slack through the Chat:Bridge App:

  • Chatter Feed and Comments
  • Files (Attachments or Embedded Images) from Salesforce Objects to Slack
  • Salesforce Object Data via pre-defined Layouts

Data flow from Slack to Salesforce through the Chat:Bridge App:

  • Slack Message Content
  • Slack Files
  • Search Salesforce Objects; Retrieve Details based on pre-defined Object Page Layout

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