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Chat:Bridge Features

Post Messages
  • Post messages from Chatter to Slack channels (public and private)
  • Post messages from Slack to Salesforce users and Chatter-enabled objects (Account, Opportunity, Case, etc.)
  • Conversations are threaded in both Slack and Salesforce Chatter
  • @ mention Slack and Salesforce users in messages
Post Files
  • Send files from Salesforce to Slack channels
  • Send files from Slack to Salesforce users and Chatter-enabled objects
Salesforce Data
  • Embed Salesforce data in messages to Slack channels
  • Send Salesforce data formatted via page layout templates to Slack channels
  • Retrieve Salesforce data from Slack into channels
Salesforce Reports
  • Retrieve Salesforce Reports from Slack channels
Search & Retrieve
  • Search and retrieve Salesforce data from Slack formatted using Salesforce page layouts
Create & Modify
  • Create Salesforce objects from Slack using quick-create forms
  • Update Salesforce objects from Slack
  • Use Chat:Bridge API to automate posting of messages and notifications from Salesforce to Slack channels
  • Control access to Salesforce from Slack by mapping Slack users to Salesforce Profiles
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