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Using Chat:Bridge to integrate Slack with Salesforce

zAgile Chat:Bridge app provides Salesforce users with the ability to send messages, exchange files, and collaborate with their Slack teams via public channels directly from Chatter.

Similarly, it allows authorized Slack users to be able to retrieve information related to Salesforce objects (Opportunity, Lead, Case, Account, etc), as well as, create, search,  and update these objects. Slack users may also retrieve Salesforce Reports.

The goal of this integration is to allow Salesforce users to efficiently manage their interaction with their Slack teams related to Customer-centric activities without leaving Salesforce.

From within any Chatter-enabled object (Lead, Opportunity, Account, Case, etc.), as well as, custom objects, you can directly communicate with Slack users. Conversely, Slack users may also initiate conversations (send messages, files, etc.) directed at specific Salesforce objects and users.

Since both Chatter and Slack support message threads, this allows for bidirectional conversation. In Salesforce, the conversation is maintained within the context of the object from where it was initiated.

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