With the Chat:Bridge Slack App update on July 16, 2022, users will experience Slack's latest UI involving Slack Modals surface with interactive views, when executing Chat:Bridge Slack commands.

For example:

  • The Slack Command - /sf shown below will search for Opportunities for which Stage is Negotiation/Review

  • The results will be displayed on a Slack Modals surface with an interactive view which will allow users to select the follow up actions configured for a particular Command.  In this example, the Actions configured are:
    • Send Message - Send a message to the Opportunity via Feed
    • View - View Opportunity details
    • Edit - Edit the Opportunity
    • Link - Link the Opportunity to the Slack Channel
    • Share - Pin the Opportunity to the Slack Channel to Share with others in the Channel 

For more details on the /sf Slack Command and available Actions, please refer to Salesforce Actions from Slack