The following steps are required before establishing authentication between Salesforce and Confluence for publishing Knowledge Articles.

  • Create a Lookup relationship in K:B Published Page object with your Knowledge Object

  • Specify Knowledge Object and Body field in General Settings in Salesforce

Create a Lookup relationship with your Knowledge Object in K:B Published Page

In Salesforce Object Manager find the K:B Published Page object and add a new Lookup Relationship related to your Knowledge object in Fields & Relationships.

The following key parameters are required to create a lookup relationship field:

  • Field Label: knowledgeArticleVersionId

  • Field Name: knowledgeArticleVersionId (it must be exactly knowledgeArticleVersionId)

  • What to do if the lookup record is deleted?: Clear the value of this field.

Specify Knowledge Object and Body field in K:B General Settings in Salesforce

In Custom Metadata Types in Salesforce Setup, find the K:B General Settings and click on Manage Records,

Edit the ZKBGeneralSettings record with the following fields:

  • Article Object: Select the Salesforce Knowledge object

  • Article Body Field: Select your Article Body Field. (If you don't have already an Article Body Field create a Text Area (Rich) field on the Salesforce Knowledge Object with the max length of 131072)

  • Email Notifications To: Knowledge:Bridge will use this email address to send error notifications that may occur in the background.

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