Knowledge:Bridge supports two modes for publishing Confluence pages to Salesforce Knowledge Articles:

  1. Free-form – This allows you to associate Salesforce Knowledge metadata (Categories, Channels, Record Types) for any page or group of pages, irrespective of their interrelationships, in an ad-hoc manner at the time of publishing.
  2. Hierarchical – The Knowledge Article metadata (Categories, Channels, Record types) can be assigned to the main page and automatically inherited by its descendents. This can be done in advance for parent pages when setting up the Confluence space for Knowledge:Bridge.

When setting up a Confluence Space for Knowledge:Bridge, select a mode for metadata assignment.

If metadata assignment is hierarchical, metadata can be selectively assigned to parent pages (as shown below). When publishing, the child pages will automatically inherit this metadata at the time of publishing each page to Salesforce Knowledge Article.

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