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Authenticate Salesforce to Confluence

Create a new Auth. Provider in Salesforce Setup using the following parameters:

  • Provider Type: ZKBConfluenceCloudAuthProvider

  • Name: kbcloud (it must be exactly kbcloud)

  • URL Suffix: kbcloud (it must be exactly kbcloud)

  • Execute Registration As: Select your current user.

Login to Confluence using Named Credentials

In Named Credentials on Salesforce Setup, edit the kbcloud_principal named credential. Update the following values:

  • Authentication Protocol: OAuth 2.0

  • Authentication Provider: kbcloud

After saving it will redirect you to the Atlassian site to authenticate and allow access to your Confluence Cloud instance.

Verify the Authentication Status:

Add the Confluence Connection in Knowledge:Bridge App

In Salesforce Apps, find the for Knowledge:Bridge App

 In the K:B Settings Tab, add a new Confluence connection and select an instance from the available Atlassian sites (authenticated previously via named credential) and set an Alias.

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