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Using Knowledge:Bridge for publishing Confluence pages to Salesforce

Knowledge:Bridge enables Confluence Wiki to be the document source for Salesforce Knowledge articles, for creating, curating, and managing the content -- all out-of-the-box, and without expensive and time-consuming custom consulting efforts. This allows your product and tech writing teams to create and manage documentation and other technical content that can be easily shared with Sales, Support, and Marketing teams, as well as on Salesforce Experience Cloud, to help you drive sales and achieve customer satisfaction.

Product teams can easily post documentation and articles, and Go-to-Market, Customer Success, and Support teams can receive curated content – each without leaving their respective application.

Confluence wiki is commonly used by product teams for documentation and knowledge sharing. A challenge is that go-to-market and customer service teams need easy access to that content within Salesforce Knowledge. Knowledge:Bridge closes that gap so that internally generated content by product teams can be easily shared with Sales and Support teams in Salesforce, as well as, with customer communities via portals.

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