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Set up Confluence Space for Publishing to Salesforce Knowledge

Set up Confluence Space for Publishing to Salesforce Knowledge

Once authentication is successfully established with Salesforce for posting pages to Knowledge Articles you can begin the setup of each Space which will be used for publishing to Salesforce in Confluence Space Settings → Knowledge:Bridge.

Space Activation and Configuration

Space preparation for use with Knowledge:Bridge consists of the following key steps:

  1. Activation – Enabling the Confluence Space for publishing to Salesforce. One or more Spaces within Confluence may be enabled. Once enabled, the options for publishing pages to Salesforce Knowledge become configurable.
  2. Permissions – Selecting Confluence Groups that may be permitted to publish pages to Salesforce Knowledge

3. Article Metadata – Associating Salesforce data categories, record types, and channels with Confluence pages to be published to Salesforce. This may be done at the page level.

For publishing pages from a Knowledge:Bridge enabled Space please refer to Knowledge:Bridge User's Guide

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