The steps below describe the integration of Jira Issue updates to Salesforce via zAgileConnect with Salesforce Flow and Process Builder. The objective in this example is to achieve email notification to Case Owner based on certain Issue Updates posted to Salesforce from Jira (for example: Issue status transition).

This example requires:

  1. A Salesforce Flow
  2. A Process builder that will call the flow

The Steps to implement an email notification to Case Owner when a Jira Issue Status is updated to a specified value is as follows:

  1. Define variables (Text, SObject, and SObject Collection) to be used in Flow definition
  2. Define Flow comprising of Fast Lookups, Loop, and Email body comprising of data to be sent in email
  3. Define a Process that will invoke the Flow

Create a Salesforce Flow to send Email to Case Owner

Create a new Flow and add the following variables

  • zissueid (text; Input Only)
  • case (SObject; Input and Output; Object Type: Case)
  • zissuecase (SObject; Input and Output; Object Type: zsfjira__Zissue_Case__c)
  • zissuecases (SObject Collection; Private; Object Type: zsfjira__Zissue_Case__c)
  • issuekey (Text: Input Only)
  • user (SObject; Input and Output; Object Type: User)