When accessing the Salesforce properties panel of an Issue in Jira with one or more related Cases, the following message is displayed:


Some of the fields mapped in 'Select Case-related properties' (via zAgileConnect package configuration in Salesforce) are not accessible to the Salesforce Integration user via field-level security configuration in Salesforce Setup.


  • Go to Salesforce Setup → App Setup → Installed Packages → zAgileConnect → Configure ,
  • Enter the configuration step Select Case-related properties and source for Attachments to send to JIRA,
  • On Case Properties tab, look for the field(s) that has a warning icon next to it (Warning icon indicates that this field is not accessible from JIRA to the Salesforce Integration user).

  • Identify the Salesforce Integration user by going to Salesforce Setup → App Setup → Installed Packages → zAgileConnect → Configure → Sign In to JIRA and look for the Salesforce Integration User in zAgileConnect Add-on Connection section:


Once the non accessible field(s) are identified you can change their field-level security to make the field 'visible' for the Profile of the Salesforce Integration User.

You can check the field-level security in Salesforce Setup→ App Setup → Customize → Cases → Fields and clicking on the field label.