The Related JIRA Issues VF page and the corresponding Lightning Web Component available with zAgileConnect package, allow the users to perform a number of functions in JIRA from within the Case page, such as Creating an Issue, Editing an Issue, Deleting an Issue created from the Case, Linking and Unlinking existing JIRA Issues to the Case, etc.

zAgileConnect Custom Permissions

The following functions are configurable for restriction by User or Profile:

  • Issue Creation
  • Issue Editing
  • Issue Deletion
  • Issue Linking
  • Issue Unlinking
  • Use Jira Integration User (see note below)
  • Login to Jira (see note below)
  • Transitioning Issues

Integration user and Login to Jira Custom Permissions

'Use Jira Integration User' and 'Login to Jira' custom permissions work in tandem.  If 'Use Jira Integration User' is disabled, the Salesforce users will need to login to Jira using their own accounts to perform actions from the Related Jira Visualforce page and Lightning Web Components.

If 'Login to Jira' custom permission is disabled, then 'Use Jira Integration User' must be enabled so that Salesforce users may perform Jira actions via the Integration User account from the Related Jira Visualforce page and Lightning Web Components.

Permissions corresponding to each of the above functions are first set in ‘zAgileConnect Permissions’ configuration section of the package, as shown below.  Here, you can select whether each of these functions is available to ‘All’ licensed users or a subset, based on either users or profiles.  Setting specific function(s) that must be restricted from ‘All’ users is the first step before associating the custom permission(s) with specific Users and/or Profiles.

Associating zAgileConnect Custom Permissions by Profile

By default, zAgileConnect Custom Permissions are enabled for all profiles (if the package is installed for All Users).  To restrict them for a Profile, navigate to ‘Enabled Custom Permissions’ link on the Profile configuration page and update the selection of enabled Custom Permissions, based on the ones to be retricted.

Associating zAgileConnect Custom Permissions by Users

To associate zAgileConnect Custom Permissions, you must first build Permission Sets for the above functions that will be restricted.  The permission set(s) may then be associated with each User, as appropriate.

In the example above, a Custom Permission Set ZC_No_Delete only enabled Create and Link permissions related to JIRA Issues.

 Once Permission Set(s) are defined, they can be associated with a specific User’s profile, as shown below

Based on the example above, the Related JIRA VF page will disable (hide) buttons for Editing, Unlinking and Deleting an Issue, since only Create and Link options are enabled).