Understanding Your Options

For zAgileConnect customers currently using Jira Server, there are three options for moving forward:

Stay with Jira Server

  • Upgrade your Jira to a supported Jira 8.x or 9.x version, preferably Jira Server LTS release.  zAgileConnect Add-on for Jira Server supports Jira 8.4 or higher. 

  • Download and Install compatible Add-on for Jira Server corresponding to the version of the zAgileConnect Salesforce Package that you are using. Please refer to the compatibility matrix here: Installing zAgileConnect add-on for Jira Server

Migrate to Jira Cloud

  • zAgileConnect supports migration of existing Salesforce-Jira relationships when migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.  
  • Because zAgileConnect maintains Salesforce-Jira relationships in both applications, migration from Jira Server to Cloud will require steps for migrating existing relationships to Jira Cloud.

  • For steps for migrating zAgileConnect data from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, please refer to: Migrating zAgileConnect from JIRA On-Premise to JIRA Cloud 

Upgrade to Jira Data Center

  • zAgileConnect will retain all existing configuration and data when migrating from Jira Server to Jira Data Center.

  • Upgrade your Jira Data Center to a supported Jira 8.x or 9.x version (zAgileConnect Datacenter supports Jira 8.4). Please refer to the compatibility matrix here: Installing zAgileConnect add-on for Jira Data Center

  • Please note: zAgileConnect is priced based upon seat licensing in Salesforce. Support for Jira Data Center requires a second license for the zAgileConnect add-on.  Please contact sales@zAgile.com to purchase a license from zAgile for zAgileConnect for Data Center.

  • Download and Install the compatible zAgileConnect Add-on for Jira Datacenter (available directly from zAgile).

  • For more information on zAgileConnect for Jira Data Center, please refer to Integrating Salesforce with JIRA Data Center