Go to Build/Develop/Visualforce pages and create a VF page with the following body (Change the standardController (“Account” in the example above) with the API name of the object you want to integrate. Follow the steps below for adding your VF page to the object layout):

<apex:page standardcontroller="Account" extensions="zsfjira.ZRelatedIssuesController" lightningStylesheets="true" docType="html-5.0" >
    <zsfjira:ZRelatedJIRAIssues relatedIssuesController="{!this}" containerUrl="{!$currentPage.URL}"/>

Add Visualforce Page to the Object Layout

Create a section for the JIRA Related Issues and drag the Visualforce page created above (for non-Case objects) into this section.

For Case Object, zAgileConnect provides Visualforce page ‘zAgileConnect JIRA’ with the package that can be added to a Case page layout.

Set the property of this page for sufficient width and scrolling, as desired.

Using the Tools icon on the top right of the Visualforce page, define here the columns you want to display and their order.