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Issue Updates Failing to apply in Salesforce

zAgileConnect's bidirectional integration ensures that updates to Jira Issues, that have relationships with Salesforce objects, are sent to Salesforce via a scheme described here.

However, in some circumstances, these updates may not show up in related Salesforce objects.  Following are some of the most common scenarios that may cause this to occur:

Authentication between Salesforce and Jira 

Authentication failures may occur between Salesforce and Jira due to 1) inactive or disabled accounts used for the Integration, 2) Missing 'oauth' certificate that was used in Jira Application Link, or 3) change in on-prem Jira proxy or firewall configuration that impacts the communication exchange with Salesforce.  To validate and resolve these, validate the authentication status between Salesforce and Jira (in the zAgileConnect Salesforce package and zAgileConnect Jira add-on) and reauthenticate, if needed.

Permissions associated with the Integration User account

Issue Updates may fail to apply to Salesforce if 1) the Integration User account used to log into Jira from Salesforce does not have BROWSE_ISSUES permissions for specific Projects in Jira related to the Issues that have been updated, or 2) Salesforce account used to log into Salesforce from Jira is not assigned to the zAgileConnect Integration User Permission Set.

Failures in Custom triggers and Flows associated with zAgileConnect objects

Failing custom triggers and Flows based on objects bundled with the zAgileConnect Salesforce package (ZIssue, ZIssue_SF, etc.) may cause the Issue update transaction to fail.  To confirm this, disable the trigger(s)/Flow(s) to see if the Jira Issue updates are successfully applied in Salesforce.   To address this problem, capture the debug logs for the Salesforce Integration user to determine the cause of the failure.  We recommend implementing error handling to ensure that any errors in the trigger(s) or Flow(s) do not result in the failure of the entire update transaction.

Jira does not trigger Issue update event for some specific updates

In some limited scenarios, specifically related to custom workflows, it has been observed that Jira may not trigger an update event related to the transition of an Issue from one state to another.  In such scenarios, zAgileConnect is not able to detect that the Issue has been updated i.e. capture the update for that event to send to Salesforce.  To confirm this, we suggest updating other fields (shared with Salesforce) in the same Issue to confirm that the updates are flowing normally.  Debug logs (with com.zagile enabled in DEBUG) can also be captured to confirm this (for on-prem Jira) to determine the specific transitions that are failing to be sent to Salesforce.

zAgileConnect Salesforce package configuration missing or corrupted in Jira 

To resolve this scenario, re-save zAgileConnect Salesforce package configurations 4 and 5.

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