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Select Case Properties and Attachment Sources to Send to Jira

Selecting Case Fields to Share with Jira Issue

In this section, you can select the Case properties that you want to send to JIRA for display within the issue context.  The metadata associated with these properties will be sent to JIRA upon saving.  Subsequently, when a JIRA Issue is created from Salesforce, values corresponding to these properties are sent to JIRA for associating (and displaying or copying) with the Issue.

You may also select properties of additional objects (including custom objects ) related to the Case for sending to JIRA.  To accomplish this, please select the objects on the first tab and save the changes. After refreshing the configuration page, the second tab (Case Properties) will show the properties of all of the objects selected.

To pass Case Owner (name) to JIRA, select User and Group from the Salesforce Objects list.  This will enable Owner Name property in the Case properties tab.

Please make sure that the Case properties to be shared with JIRA are accessible to the Integration User that is used for authenticating Salesforce to JIRA.  Permissions associated with this user will be effective when accessing Case details for JIRA users.

Selecting Salesforce Objects related to Case

The 'Salesforce Objects' tab presents various objects related to Case.  Selecting a related object in this configuration enables access to its fields in the Case Properties tab to mark for sharing with related Jira Issues.

Selecting Fields to share with Jira

Based on the objects selected above (Case is selected by default), the Case Properties tab allows for selection of specific fields associated with Case and related objects to be shared with Jira.

Selecting Sources for Attachments to be sent to JIRA

zAgileConnect also allows the selection of sources (objects) for Attachments to be sent to JIRA.  You can select additional objects, (Case, Account, Email, etc), custom objects, as well as Feed Items (Case Feed, Contact Feed, etc.).

Please note that all objects to be selected here must have direct relationship to Case to be accessible for attachment source.

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