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Select defaults for JIRA Project, Issue Type and Priority

Select Projects and Issue Types for Issue Creation

In this section, you will select all JIRA projects and Issue Types that will be available in Salesforce for Issue Creation.  This is typically a subset of all available Projects and Issue Types that may be defined in your JIRA instance, since not all of them may be relevant for the Support teams.  The JIRA Projects are presented in the list grouped by Project Categories (if applicable) to make it easier to manage a larger list.

Select Defaults for Project and Issue Type

In addition to selecting a subset from the list, you will also need to pick default values that will be used during Issue Creation.  The defaults are primarily for convenience since it minimizes the need to make those selections for each JIRA Issue that is being created from Salesforce.

Auto-Create Jira Issue upon Case Creation

To configure zAgileConnect for automatically creating a Jira Issue when a Case is created, enable the 'AUTO-CREATE JIRA ISSUE WHEN CASE IS CREATED' option, shown below.  You can also specify criteria that must be met to trigger this option on Case creation, such as only if Case Origin is Email, etc.

Disabling zAgileConnect Triggers

zAgileConnect package implements several triggers on Salesforce objects (Case, Account, and Contact) that are used to update Jira whenever any updates occurs on these objects that directly (Case) or indirectly (Account, Contact) related to Jira Issues.  The option to disable these triggers may be used in scenarios if their invocation interfers with large batch operations by exceeding Salesforce limits.  Please note that while these triggers are disabled, all operations from Salesforce to Jira will remain blocked.  

Email Notifications

To get notified on errors particularly related to background operations (sync operations, etc), you can provide one or many email addresses.

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