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Creating Salesforce Reports of Case-Issue Relationships

Case-related JIRA Issues in Salesforce are accessed via custom objects ZIssue and ZIssue_SF.   These objects represents JIRA Issues and Issue-Case relationships, respectively, based on the configured mapping.

ZIssue has the following characteristics:

  1. It represents only JIRA Issues which have been associated with Cases in Salesforce
  2. ZIssue objects only contain the specific attributes mapped explicitly during configuration.   It is possible to add more attributes (Issue Fields) over time and refresh all ZIssue entries.  However, ZIssue is not in any way a complete copy of JIRA Issue object
  3. ZIssue may also be used to map JIRA Issue custom fields.  In such scenario, corresponding fields of the same type must be created in ZIssue.
    1. For example, to map an Issue custom field called ‘Review Date’ (of type Date), you would want to define a field in ZIssue of type Date and map it to ‘Review Date’ from JIRA.
  4. ZIssue contents are automatically removed when the package is uninstalled.  Please be sure to keep an exported backup of the data that can be used to restore it.
  5. ZIssue works in tandem with ZIssue_SF which represents Case-Issue relationship.  Please make sure these objects are accessible to appropriate profiles.

To create a report, select ‘Other Reports‘ and ZIssue with ZIssue_SF and Case as the type (of course custom report types may also be defined that include these objects).

This will pull in all Case-related objects including JIRA Issues for report development.

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