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Salesforce package update for user privacy changes in Jira Cloud

April 24, 2019

What is Changing for Jira Cloud?

Atlassian has announced changes to its Jira APIs to comply with Europe’s GDPR privacy regulations. Jira Cloud App vendors have until the end of April 2019 to migrate to the updated, GDPR-compliant APIs. Accordingly, Atlassian has started the deprecation period for the older APIs.

The changes are based on privacy requirements under the GDPR. For example, fields like userkey and username will no longer be available when the older APIs are retired. Instead, App vendors will need to move to the user “Account ID” field in requests and responses.

What is the Impact to Jira Cloud integration with Salesforce for zAgileConnect customers?

Following functions will be impacted by this change to Jira Cloud

  1. Authentication (Login) from Salesforce to Jira
  2. Issue Creation/Update (specifically, Reporter, Assignee, and other User Assignments)
  3. All Jira User references in Salesforce

What is the resolution?

zAgile is providing a maintenance patch to all versions of the zAgileConnect Salesforce package to address this issue.  Existing Salesforce packages must be upgraded to the corresponding maintenance release in advance of this migration of Jira Cloud changes by Atlassian.  Please refer to the matrix below for the patch version that corresponds to your current package.  We have also included the links to the appropriate package that can be installed directly from here.

Timeline for the Change – April 30, 2019 (please check Atlassian post for latest)

Atlassian plans to apply these GDPR-related changes for user privacy to Jira Cloud instances on April 30th, 2019, or soon after (latest details here).

As a result, all zAgileConnect customers using Jira Cloud will need to upgrade their package to the latest maintenance release corresponding to their zAgileConnect package version (package links below) on or before April 30, 2019 4pm PDT.  This upgrade of the Salesforce package will retain all existing data and configuration and no user action is required after the upgrade. 

The package upgrade may be performed at any time on or before Atlassian’s planned update of Jira Cloud (currently scheduled on April 29, 2019).

Links to the Maintenance Upgrades

For further details regarding this required upgrade please contact us at support @

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