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Select JIRA Issue Properties to bring to Salesforce

You can configure JIRA Issue properties to bring (copy) into ZIssue custom object that is implemented with the zAgileConnect package.  These properties may also include Issue custom fields.

Please note that if you desire to bring JIRA Issue custom fields into Salesforce, you will need to add corresponding fields to the ZIssue custom object with matching field type. Once these custom fields exist in ZIssue, they can be mapped to corresponding JIRA Issue custom fields.

Via the dropdown, you can view and select JIRA Issue fields, including custom fields.

The following screenshot provides an example of JIRA issue mapping into Salesforce.

Please note that all standard fields will be automatically mapped to the corresponding fields provided in the ZIssue custom object in Salesforce.  You may choose to remove the standard field from the list, however, you cannot modify its mapping.

Furthermore, the checkbox next to each field determines whether that field is to be displayed in the ‘Related JIRA Issues’ panel.

All fields within this list are available in Salesforce Reports.

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