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zAgileConnect Installation Prerequisites

This page contains information specific to Jira Data Center

Estimated time for installation and configuration: 60 minutes

zAgileConnect Add-on for Jira Data Center is licensed separately and available directly from zAgile.  For more information, please contact zAgile Sales.

For more information on Jira Data Center support for zAgileConnect, please refer to the following:

Integrating Salesforce with Jira Data Center

HTTPS Access

Communication between Salesforce and On-Premise JIRA (aka JIRA Server) requires secure connectivity via HTTPS.  Please make sure your JIRA is accessible to Salesforce whitelisted IP addresses.  Specifically:

Integration User

An Integration User account is used in each application to perform transactions in the other.  This also means that users in each application do not need to have an account in the other to access data.

Before embarking on the installation steps, please be sure to have an account in each of the two applications that will be used for authentication and for submitting all transactions to the other application.  We recommend setting up an integration user account in each – Salesforce and JIRA for this purpose.  Furthermore, the profiles associated with each account will depend on the types of actions it will perform in the other application.

Typically, Salesforce User and JIRA User/Developer profiles suffice for most of the integration functions.

Admin privileges are not required for either of these accounts configured as Integration Accounts.  

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