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Jira Counter field for related Salesforce objects

Available with zAgileConnect Jira Server Add-on version 1.11.7


A Counter (implemented as zAgileConnect SF Counter) is a custom field type available with zAgileConnect add-on for Jira Server that provides a count of the number of Salesforce objects (Cases, and other standard and custom objects) related with a Jira Issue.

The primary use case serving this feature is the ability to prioritize Jira Issues based on the number of related Cases (or other objects) for the purpose of prioritization, tracking, and reporting in Jira.

Using SF Counter

To track the count of Salesforce objects related to a Jira Issue, define a custom field of type zAgileConnect SF Counter, as shown below and add it to the appropriate Issue screen where this count is desired.

Indexing the SF Counter

To allow this custom field to be available in Jira Search, you can enable indexing whenever an Issue is linked or unlinked to a Salesforce object.

Furthemore, reindexing specific Jira Projects within the scope of Salesforce-Jira relationships will allow the counter to be available in Jira Search for existing Case-Issue relationships.

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