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Assign zAgileConnect Permission Sets

Available with zAgileConnect package v1.13

zAgileConnect provides a number of permission sets out-of-the-box that must be assigned to specific users based upon the type of access and usage they will require for the integration. These assignments must be done following the package installation to ensure that users have the necessary permissions.  

These permission sets are described below:

zAgileConnect Subscription User - This permission set ensures access to custom objects bundled with the zAgileConnect package. It is required for all users who will be licensed for zAgileConnect.

zAgileConnect Admin User - (Not required for Salesforce Administrators) This permission set provides admin access to zAgileConnect package configurations in addition to access to custom objects bundled with the package. It is recommended for users who will need to administer zAgileConnect package configurations. In addition to this permission set, zAgileConnect Admin users will also need the following permissions:

  • Download AppExchange Packages

  • Customize Applications

  • View Setup and Configuration

zAgileConnet Integration User - This permission set ensures access to zAgileConnect package components that are involved in bidirectional exchange between Salesforce and Jira. This permission set must be assigned to the Salesforce account designated as the Integration User (Salesforce account used to log into Salesforce from Jira).

zAgileConnect Platform User - This permission set allows users not licensed for zAgileConnect to perform certain operations involving Jira, such as posting comments and attachments to Jira, posting field updates in Salesforce objects to Jira (Salesforce Properties), etc.

This permission set is not needed if the zAgileConnect package has been installed for ‘All Users’.

For details on managing permission set assignments in Salesforce, please refer to the following:

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