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Importing Existing Case-Issue Relationships into zAgileConnect

zAgileConnect supports the ability to import existing Case-Issue links. This is useful, especially for those who have pre-existing data representing these relationships, either from another integration product or captured manually within Case and JIRA. The import consists of a series of steps that take, as input, CSV format files comprising of Case Number and Issue Key columns, upload and build the corresponding links within Salesforce, that are required by zAgileConnect. The specific steps and formats of the files are described below.

CSV Import into Salesforce

The first step to importing existing Case-Issue relationships is to import them into Salesforce.  zAgileConnect package Configure section provides a utility for CSV import.

The import process will validate the input format and subsequently populate ZIssue and ZIssue_SF custom objects with Case-Issue relationships, as well as Issue attributes from JIRA that have been configured to be pulled into Salesforce.

Please note that the input file must be in UTF-8 format, must contain two columns with headers CaseNumberIssueKey and the data must not be enclosed in any quotes (single or double).  An example of this is shown below.

To import the CSV, select the file and click on Next

Following a successful parse, the input will be confirmed as follows

The import process will import the Case-Issue relationships from the CSV and also retrieve relevant Issue attributes for each Issue directly from JIRA to be populated in the ZIssue object in Salesforce.

At the completion of the import, a results file is available for download.  The file, also in a CSV format, indicates the result associated with each row, as shown here.

Import into JIRA

After data is successfully imported into Salesforce the final step is to create the imported relationships into JIRA Cloud. For that you need to go to:  Setup → Installed Packages → zAgileConnect Configure → Refresh Salesforce Properties in JIRA

Click on Refresh, it will send all the Case-Issue relationships to JIRA. This process will be executed in background and can take several minutes depending on the number of relationships.

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