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Integrating Salesforce Object with Jira Issue

Estimated Time ~ 60-120 min

zAgileConnect provides built-in integration between Salesforce Case object and JIRA Issue. With some additional configuration steps, it can also support integration of other Standard and Custom Objects with JIRA Issue. This section describes the configuration steps needed to enable this integration.

Qualifying Object to Integrate with Jira Issue

The Salesforce object must be able to be on the Master side of the Master-Detail relationship. This currently is not supported for User and Lead objects since neither is allowed to be defined as Master. Therefore, these objects cannot be directly integrated with JIRA Issues. For more information on this constraint, please refer to the following documentation from Salesforce:

Deploying via a Change Set

Please note that the steps involve implementing a trigger, as well as, a visualforce page associated with the Salesforce object to be integrated with Jira Issues.  Example code is provided below to achieve both.  However, deployment of these in a production Salesforce org requires creating them first in a sandbox and promoting them to a production org via a Change Set.  For more on this, please refer to:

Example Integration with Opportunity

Related List representing JIRA Issues associated with an Opportunity object

Salesforce Properties panel in Jira Issue with related Salesforce objects (Opportunity, Case)

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