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zAgileConnect 1.7

Release 1.7.11

Release Date:  May 15, 2018

zAgileConnect Release 1.7.11 is an important update to address an issue encountered with Case-Issue Field Mapping configuration page (screenshot below) when deployed in the Salesforce Summer ’18 Release.  This patch update is recommended for all customers with zAgileConnect 1.7.x package, ahead of the Salesforce Summer ’18 rollout to production and sandbox orgs.  Please be sure to review all previous release notes if upgrading from older versions for any additional upgrade instructions.

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

What Happens If You Do Not Upgrade?

Without this patch, the Configuration below will not be able to retrieve and display existing Case-Issue Field Mapping or allow you to configure any new mapping.  However, existing mapping will continue to function for Issue created or updated from Salesforce.

Release 1.7.9

Release Date:  September 12, 2016

  • JIRA Cloud – Case fields sent to JIRA Salesforce Properties panel truncated to 255 chars
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – Attachment source not loading in configuration when there are a large number of objects in an SF instance
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – In Console view in some scenarios (related to certain customizations), the New button did not navigate to Issue Creation
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – Navigation from Related JIRA VF page broken for Community Portal users (accessing via
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – Automatic Issue Assignment not working for JIRA Issues created from Salesforce
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – SOQL query limit error (zsfjira:Too many query rows: 50001) when updating Accounts or Contacts

Release 1.7.7

Release Date:  May 13, 2016

  • JIRA Cloud  –  Detect JIRA Cloud instance based on Atlassian’s latest versioning scheme
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – Send comments to all associated Cases or Issues if no matching ID of specific Case or Issue is detected in comment text


  • Support for sending files from local filesystem to JIRA from Case
  • Private attachments may be sent to JIRA by owner

Release 1.7.6

Release Date: April 22, 2016

  • Fixes for IE 9/10 related to Issue Creation and Update
  • Enhancements
  • Support for multi-user select field in JIRA Issue Creation and Update from Salesforce
  • Increase timeout to 30 sec on Issue Search from Salesforce

Release 1.7.5

Release Date: March 30, 2016

  • JIRA Cloud – Comment updates are also now shared with JIRA
  • JIRA Cloud/Server – Prevent multiple issue from being created by not allowing Create button to be clicked multiple times in succession


  • Filters for Issue Auto-creation (ex: auto create JIRA Issue if Case Origin eq Web or Phone)
  • Following successful JIRA issue creation, user is returned to Case page or tab
  • Create/Update JIRA Epic issue type from Case
  • Attachments from sources other than Case can be sent to JIRA (Feed items, other SF standard and Custom objects)
  • Support Cascade Select type custom JIRA fields when creating or updating JIRA issues
  • Refresh icon on Related JIRA VF page to manually refresh issue data from JIRA

Release 1.7.4

Release Date: February 1, 2016

  • JIRA Cloud Attachment rendering error : Error rendering ‘com.atlassian.jira.jira-view-issue-plugin:attachmentmodule’
  • JIRA Server Bulk Issue updates fail to sync with Salesforce when > 100 selected.
  • JIRA Server User Masquerading feature does not work when transitioning Issue Status (defaults to Integration User)

Release 1.7.3

Release Date: December 9, 2015

zAgileConnect is now compatible with Jira Data Center. Add-on for Jira Data Center is licensed separately and available directly from zAgile.  For more information, please contact zAgile Sales.


  • TextArea custom fields disappear from Issue Detail after executing Issue workflow transition
  • JIRA Issue Priority icon on Issue Detail page rendering very large
  • Cannot create or edit and Issues in IE9
  • zAgileConnect package configurations do not display if Remote Site entry for JIRA is removed
  • Miscellaneous fixes for mapping various data types between Case and Issue
  • Support for large comments (> 4gb) and multiple large comments in Issue Detail view via scrolling
  • Duplicate index error in Oracle impacting JIRA Case information access
  • Case URL captured in JIRA now supports custom domains
  • Field Mapping configuration in Salesforce displays error if too many (>40) JIRA Projects/Issue Types selected


  • Attachments in Case feeds also included in the list of attachments to send to JIRA Issue from “Related JIRA” VF page
  • JQL function for listing JIRA Issues related to Salesforce Cases (or a specific Case)
  • Add Issue Created and Updated range filters for selectively syncing JIRA Issue data in Salesforce
  • Link JIRA Issues directly from Case feeds
  • Support for Jira Data Center


Searching JIRA Issues related to Case(s):

JQL function salesforceIssues() allows retrieval of all JIRA Issues that are related to one or many Cases.
salesforceIssues(“Case Number”) or salesforceIssues(“Case ID”) will return all Issues related to a specific Case
Key IN salesforceIssues() will return all issues with at least 1 related case
Key IN salesforceIssues(“50000000234AAB”) will return Issues related to Case ID 50000000234AAB
Key IN salesforceIssues(“00003071”) will return Issues related to Case Number 00003071

#linktojira allows linking of the Case to one or more JIRA Issues directly from Case feed

#linktojira #KEY-01 #Key-56
Up to 10 JIRA Issues may be specified in the feed item
Result of the link action (success or failure) will be returned in the feed itself (as feed comment)

Release 1.7.1

Release Date: October 7, 2015

  • Error on Create Issue from Case when too many Projects and Issue Types selected in configuration
  • JIRA Issue Priority icon on Issue Detail page rendering very large

Release 1.7

Release Date: August 20, 2015


  • Console Components for Issue Activity and Suggested Issues related to a Case
  • Show Issue Activity, History, and Work Log in Issue Detail related to Salesforce Case
  • Auto Issue creation when Case is created
  • Map Case fields to corresponding JIRA Issue fields (standard and custom), optionally updating them in Issue when corresponding Case is updated
  • Batch synchronization of mapped fields from Case to JIRA
  • Send Comments to JIRA Issue via Case Feeds
  • A new Salesforce junction object representing Case-Issue relationship that can now be used directly for summary counts, formula fields, workflow rules, and other customizations


  • Significant improvements in the installation and configuration steps
  • Comments exchanged between Salesforce and JIRA are synced when updated in the originating application
  • Capture Issue Creation/Linking actions from Salesforce in Issue Activity (JIRA Server)
  • Improvements in supporting many different field types when mapping from Case to Issue (JIRA Server)
  • Move field mapping between Case and Issue from JIRA plugin to Salesforce package (JIRA Server)
  • Configurable field layout in Related JIRA Issues VF page in Case (JIRA Server)
  • Support for larger number of JIRA Projects (>40) available to Support teams for creating Issues.


Charts/Dashboards in JIRA

Upgrading to Release 1.7 (for JIRA on-premise)

It is strongly advised that all upgrades be first performed in a sandbox environment of both Salesforce and JIRA

The following steps must be followed for upgrading to zAgileConnect 1.6 from prior releases.

  • Perform a backup of JIRA active objects data that stores Case-Issue relationship details. This option is available in JIRA plugin admin section.
  • Update zAgileConnect JIRA plugin to 1.7 (from Atlassian Marketplace). All previous settings will be retained during this update.
  • Upgrade zAgileConnect Salesforce package to 1.7 (from Salesforce AppExchange). The upgrade will retain existing configuration settings.
  • Re-authenticate JIRA to Salesforce using OAuth credentials.

In Salesforce package configuration:

  • Reauthenticate to JIRA,
  • Reconfigure default values for JIRA project and isssue type
  • Reconfigure Case properties to send to JIRA
  • Configure JIRA issue properties to pull into Salesforce
  • Select ‘Refresh JIRA Issue Data in Salesforce’ option to retrieve and cache all Case IDs that have related JIRA issues.
  • Review and update other configurations as appropriate.

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