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PKIX certificate error when connecting to Jira from Salesforce


While trying to authenticate to Jira from Salesforce, the following message is displayed:

CODE PKIX path building
unable to find valid certification path to requested target



  • This error could happen when the SSL certificate for the Jira Server or Data Center domain that is exposed to Salesforce is not valid, maybe due to wrong java truststore, certificate is not in the java truststore, certificate path is not complete in the truststore.


Check SSL Certificate

  • Check SSL configuration in your Jira, including SSL certificate, truststore and certification path. Make sure that the Jira URL that Salesforce is trying to connect is accessible via HTTPS to Salesforce.

You can also find more information about performing some diagnostics that you can run to validate SSL for the Jira domain that Salesforce is accessing here: 

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