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Linking and Unlinking Salesforce objects to Issues from Jira

Link and Unlink Salesforce object from Jira Issue

To link to a Salesforce object from Jira Issue, the following steps are required:

  • The object (other than Case) must be configured in zAgileConnect for integration with Jira Issue.
  • Actions (Link and Unlink) available for users in Jira must be enabled in zAgileConnect Salesforce package in General Settings
  • Actions (Link and Unlink) available for users in Jira must be configured in Jira for specific Jira Groups and Jira Projects in zAgileConnect Jira add-on Salesforce Object Configuration

The options to Link or Unlink a Salesforce object with an Issue in Jira are available via the 'More' menu option in Jira

To Link an object, select the object (Case, Opportunity, Account, etc.) from the menu.  The menu will list all the objects that meet the first two criteria above.

Retrieve the specific object(s) via the search option and select for linking with the Jira Issue

The linked Salesforce object will be reflected in the Salesforce Properties panel (below), as well as its reference will be created within the corresponding object in Salesforce.

Link to Case from JIRA Issue Comment

If a Case Number is known, it is now possible to link a JIRA Issue to that Case from within the Issue, by using a special #linktocase tag in a Comment.

This requires the Case Feed to be enabled

ex: #linktocase #00010669

The above tags in an Issue Comment will result in the posting of a corresponding tag (#linktojira) in the Feed of the Case referenced above which executes the link action to associate the Case with the JIRA issue.

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