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Select Salesforce fields to send to Jira Issues

This section refers to copying values from Salesforce Case fields into corresponding JIRA Issue fields.  This is different from sending Case fields to JIRA for display since this directly copies the values into JIRA Issue fields which may further be updated either when they are updated in Case or by the escalation teams in JIRA via Issue Edit.  Typical scenarios for this would be copying descriptive text fields, such as Environment, or passing into required fields in JIRA Issue when creating it from Case.

Please note that this option is only available for Issues created from a Case.  If an existing JIRA Issue is linked to a Case, copying Case fields to Issue fields is not supported.  

Field mapping is achieved by adding Case fields from the drop down to the mapping table (as shown below) and selecting a corresponding JIRA field from the Issue Field column drop down.  For each Case field added to this table, zAgileConnect will bring a list of possible matches from JIRA based on field type.

Please be sure to map Issue Summary and Description during the initial configuration of zAgileConnect.  

The configuration also allows you to explicitly specify if the Case fields copied to JIRA must be updated whenever they change in Case – or only copied the first time and left for JIRA users to update them when needed.

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