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Mapping Jira User type field from Case and other Salesforce objects

Available with zAgileConnect package version 1.11.4

zAgileConnect supports  mapping of Jira User field types (Assignee, Reporter, etc) from Case and other Salesforce objects integrated with Jira Issues.  This allows Salesforce users to automatically populate Issue Reporter, Assignee, etc based on certain Case criteria or field values when creating a Jira Issue.

This mapping currently has the following constraints:

  • It is currently only supported in the manual Create Issue (‘New’) mode.  User mapping via automated processes (Auto Creation, Auto Update, API, Workflow) is not supported.
  • The User specified must be a valid Jira Account, else Jira will reject it
  • The Salesforce field (source) mapped to Jira User must be of type ‘Text’


Define a custom formula field for mapping User Email to Jira User type field

To setup the mapping, define a formula field that resolves a User email into a String value.

This email must match a User account in Jira.

Current user:  $User.Email

Owner: Owner:User.Email

Please make sure to enable field access to all users who will be creating Jira issues manually from Salesforce and mapping this field

Mapping custom user email field to Jira User field type

Once the field is defined, it can be mapped to Jira Issue user field type (Reporter, Assignee, etc.).

While User Email is the most practical approach to mapping from Salesforce to Jira User field types, it is also possible to map a Jira User account directly to a User field type.  However, this requires that Jira User accounts are maintained in Salesforce for such mapping.

For Jira Server and Jira Data Center, this requires a Jira Username.  For Jira Cloud, this must be the Jira Account ID.

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