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Upgrading zAgileConnect to v1.16

We strongly recommend that you perform the upgrade in a test environment of Salesforce and Jira prior to applying the upgrade in production

zAgileConnect 1.16.0 is a limited release and currently available to customers desiring support for Multi-Salesforce integration with a single on-premise Jira (Jira Server or Jira Data Center), or integration with Jira Service Management projects. Please contact zAgile for further details.

Upgrading zAgileConnect to Release v1.16

Please follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. If you are upgrading from zAgileConnect Release earlier than v1.13.x, please upgrade first to v1.14.x following the instructions here -> Upgrading to zAgileConnect v1.14
  2. Upgrade the Salesforce package using the link provided by zAgile.  

Salesforce package upgrade will migrate zAgileConnect configuration automatically.  If this migration step does not execute automatically, a message with the 'Upgrade' button (shown in screenshot below) will appear.  The upgrade can be executed manually by navigating to Salesforce Setup → Installed Packages → zAgileConnect Configure and clicking on the "Upgrade" button.

If the Upgrade message (as shown below) is not present, no further action is needed to migrate the existing configuration.

Automatic upgrade fails

Automatic upgrade succeeds

3. Upgrade the Jira Add-on to v1.16.x (for Jira Server and Jira Data Center only).

    1. After installing the Jira Add-on, a job to migrate existing Salesforce-Issue relationships will be started. Go to https://<JIRA_BASE_URL>/ZDataMigrationMonitor.jspa to monitor the progress. It is also possible to start the migration process manually from that page (if it was not automatically initiated).

      Note that migration job can only start after the zAgileConnect Salesforce package was upgraded to 1.16.x.

      Migration is required in 1.16.x for Jira Server and Jira Data Center, the following error message will be displayed on Jira issues with related Salesforce entities until migration job is started:

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