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Using zAgileconnect to integrate Jira with Salesforce

zAgileConnect allows for bidirectional exchange of information between Salesforce and JIRA.  It facilitates improved coordination between teams across the two applications so that both sides may efficiently collaborate, exchange information, and track various activities as they work on various customer-centric tasks.

The goal of this integration is to bridge the gap between Sales, Support and Engineering and allow them to work more efficiently towards resolving customer-related tasks.

zAgileConnect delivers integration and flows specifically targeted for Customer Support (i.e. Case-centric).  However, other Salesforce objects, such as Account, Lead, etc. (including custom objects) and related workflows are also supported as of zAgileConnect Release v1.10.

The key focus of zAgileConnect is to allow support teams to work more efficiently with engineering.  As support calls are captured, help desk can create specific issues in JIRA for triage by engineering.  Relevant issues may be further elaborated, prioritized and scheduled for delivery either as product patches or formal releases.  Regardless of the resolution steps, help desk stays in sync throughout the resolution processes to ensure timely and accurate feedback to customers.  The integration reduces the need for support teams to switch back and forth across applications in an attempt to catch up to the resolution state of each case.

zAgileConnect supports both types of JIRA instances (hosted by Atlassian or hosted on-premise)

  • JIRA Server and Jira Data Center* —  On-Premise (hosted within your corp firewall)
  • JIRA Cloud — On-Demand (hosted by Atlassian)

*Please note that zAgileConnect Add-on for Jira Data Center is only available directly from zAgile.

Using zAgileConnect, Customers Support can create and track JIRA issues from within Salesforce.  Each issue automatically maintains the context of the customer case from where it is initiated. As the issue moves through the resolution workflow in JIRA, its real time status is reflected back within the context of the Case(s) it represents in Salesforce.  A Case may initiate multiple JIRA issues.  Conversely, any issue in JIRA may also be linked to one or more Cases (or other Salesforce objects).  

Customer Support can also interact with JIRA issues, add attachments and comments, change priorities, assign versions and releases, etc.– all from within the Case application in Salesforce.

And finally, while the primary use case is integration of Case with Jira Issue, zAgileConnect supports integration of other Salesforce standard and custom objects, as well, with Jira Issue.

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