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zAgileConnect Component Architecture

This page contains information specific to Jira Data Center

The following diagram illustrates the components involved in the integration between Salesforce and JIRA, as well as the high level information flow between them.

zAgileConnect Salesforce Package

zAgileConnect’s Salesforce package facilitates direct information exchange between Salesforce and JIRA via the corresponding JIRA plugin.

It allows:

  • Configuration of Case properties to be shared with JIRA
  • Authentication with JIRA
  • Selection of default JIRA Project Issue Type and Priority for issue creation from a Case
  • Choice of whether to automatically create a JIRA Issue when a Case is created
  • Direct creation and update of related JIRA Issues from within a Case
  • Posting of comments to JIRA Issues
  • Posting of attachments to JIRA Issues

The connector uses a combination of Visualforce pages, Apex classes, and triggers to achieve the integration with JIRA. Triggers, in particular, are key aspect of its functioning as they push information pertaining to various objects related to a Case (Account, Contact) as well as the Case itself. As users interact with various objects in Salesforce, such as creating or updating Account or Case information, the activity is captured in JIRA in real time to ensure that the relevant issue context is correctly maintained.

zAgileConnect Add-on for JIRA

zAgileConnect add-on for JIRA communicates with its corresponding Salesforce connector to facilitate issue creation and collaboration across the two applications.

It allows:

  • Choice of whether to close a Case when an Issue is closed (*JIRA on-premise only)
  • Authentication between JIRA and Salesforce
  • Posting of comments to related Case(s)
  • Posting of attachments to related Case(s)
  • Posting of Issue events to Salesforce Chatter (*JIRA on-premise only)

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