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Jira Lightning Web Components (LWC)

The following Lightning Web Components are available with zAgileConnect for accessing Jira information in Salesforce Lightning

  • Related Jira Issues
    • Provides various Issue actions performed in Jira from Salesforce to create, delete, link Jira Issues
    • View Jira Issue fields
    • Navigate to Issue details
    • Send Attachments to related Jira Issue(s)
    • Allow user to log into Jira using their own Jira account for performing various actions 
  • Related Jira Activity 
    • View recent activity for related Jira Issues
  • Search Jira Issues
    • Automatically retrieve suggested Jira Issues for a related Salesforce object (ex: Case)

Related Jira Issue LWC

Used for displaying related Jira Issues.  Includes actions that may be performed on related Jira Issues (create, search, link, unlink, delete).

Related Jira Issue Activity LWC

For displaying recent activity for related Issues as captured in Jira

Search Jira Issues 

For searching Jira Issues based on selected Case field.

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