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zAgileConnect Features

While Salesforce Case is the primary object integrated with Jira Issue, zAgileConnect also supports integration between Jira Issues and other Salesforce standard and custom objects.  For more on this, please refer to -- Integrating Salesforce Object with Jira Issue (released in zAgileConnect v1.10)

Issue Creation and Update
  • Create JIRA Issue(s) directly from Salesforce Case
  • Link Case to existing JIRA Issue(s) in Salesforce
  • Edit JIRA issues in Salesforce
  • Link a Case to multiple Issues
  • Link an Issue to multiple Cases
  • Search JIRA issues in Salesforce
  • Map Salesforce Case attributes to JIRA Issue fields, including custom fields
Sharing of Case and Issue Attributes
  • View Issue details in related Salesforce Case
  • View Case attributes in related JIRA Issue
Sharing Comments between Salesforce and JIRA
  • Send comments from a Salesforce Case to all or a specific related Issue in JIRA
  • Send comments from a JIRA Issue to all or a specific related Case in Salesforce
Sharing Attachments between Salesforce and JIRA
  • Share Case attachments with related JIRA issues
  • Share Issue attachments with related Cases
Tracking Issues in SalesforceFollow JIRA Issue updates on Chatter through its related Case(s)  (*JIRA On-Premise only)
ReportingUse Salesforce Reports to create reports and dashboards linking Case, Account, Contact, and other Case-related objects with JIRA Issues.
  • Select list of Project and Issue Types for creating issues from Salesforce
  • Select list of Case attributes to send to JIRA for displaying in the issue context
  • Select JIRA Issue attributes to display and retrieve in Salesforce (for reporting)
  • Configure Issue events to display in Salesforce Chatter  (*JIRA on-premise only)
  • Configure if Issue should be automatically created upon Case creation
  • Configure if Case should be closed if Issue is closed  (*JIRA on-premise only)
  • Proxy User ID (Integration User) for representing transactions between Salesforce and JIRA
  • Search, View and Update JIRA Issues in Salesforce1 on mobile devices
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