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Access permissions for Jira Issue operations from Salesforce

Access permissions to Jira Issue functions such as Create, Edit, Delete, Link, etc, can be configured in Salesforce by Profile and by User.  This section provides steps for this configuration.

zAgileConnect Custom Permissions

The following functions are configurable for restriction by User or Profile:

  • Issue Creation
  • Issue Editing
  • Issue Deletion
  • Issue Linking
  • Issue Unlinking
  • Use Jira integration user
  • Login to Jira
  • Transitioning Issues

Permissions corresponding to each of the above functions are first set in ‘zAgileConnect Permissions’ configuration section of the package, as shown below.  Here, you can select whether each of these functions is available to ‘All’ licensed users or a subset, based on either users or profiles.  Setting specific function(s) that must be restricted from ‘All’ users is the first step before associating the custom permission(s) with specific Users and/or Profiles.

For more details on setting custom permissions for Jira Issue operations from Salesforce, please refer to Access Permissions for Jira Issue Operations

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