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Configuring zAgileConnect for Jira Service Management Projects

To enable this functionality, please contact our zAgile for information on usage and licensing costs.

zAgileConnect offers enhanced integration with Jira Service Management (JSM), enabling a seamless collaboration experience. With this new functionality, you can connect your Salesforce organization to a Jira instance running JSM. This integration provides the flexibility to create JSM Requests directly from Salesforce, while ensuring that they align with your Service Desks and Request Types configurations.


In the zAgileConnect Salesforce package configuration, navigate to the section "Select Jira Projects and Issue Types" and open the "Jira Service Management" tab.

In this section, you will find a list of all available Service Desks (JSM Projects) along with their related Request Types. You can select multiple Service Desks and Request Types. Additionally, you can define the order in which they will be displayed when creating a JSM Request. It is important to note that the first Service Desk and Request Type selected will be the default Request Type when creating a JSM request from Salesforce.


Create JSM Requests

In the zAgileConnect Related Issues LWC, click on "New".

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose between creating a Jira Issue or a JSM Request. Select the "Jira Service Management" option to create a JSM Request. Note this options will only be available if Jira Projects and JSM Service Desks are configured in "Select Jira Projects and Issue Types".

After clicking on "Next," the Request creation screen will be displayed. The available Service Desks will be the ones you configured in the previous steps. The form shown on the screen will adhere to the JSM Request form configured in Jira for the selected Service Desk and Request Type.

JSM Fields

The current implementation supports the following specific JSM fields:

Request Type and Organizations.

Other JSM fields such as Reviewers, Approvers, and others that are implemented using Jira custom fields are also supported.

The supported JSM fields can be configured (optionally) in "Select Issue Fields to Pull from Jira" option in package configuration as any other Jira custom field.

Edit JSM Requests

Editing JSM Requests in Salesforce is similar to editing Jira Software Issues.  A pop-up will appear for editing the ticket, and this form adheres to the Project and Issue Type screen schema defined in the Jira Software configuration.

DO NOT Edit the Issue Type of a JSM ticket from Salesforce as it can have unexpected outcome, since the Issue Type must align with its related Request Type in JSM.


  1. Auto-Create Jira Issue is not supported for Jira Service Management Requests Types.

  2. zAgileConnect Apex and Flows APIs do not support creation of JSM Requests.

  3. JSM tasks such as Reviews, or any other JSM actions, besides creation of Requests and Approval actions, are not supported. Approvals are only supported in Jira Cloud.
  4. JSM Request creation is only available in Lightning Experience.

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