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Enabling individual login to Jira for Salesforce users


zAgileConnect integration between Salesforce and Jira does not require a user in one application to have an account in the other to be able to perform available actions. 

For example, Salesforce users do not need to have Jira accounts to be able to perform actions on Jira Issues from Salesforce such as creating a Jira Issue, editing a Jira Issue, searching Jira or posting comments/attachments to Jira Issues. 

Similarly, Jira users do not need Salesforce accounts to access Salesforce information related to Jira Issues, as well as, posting comments and attachments to Salesforce from Jira Issues.

zAgileConnect uses Integration User accounts that are used to authenticate each application to the other to perform these operations.  For example, Jira actions from Salesforce (create, update, search, post comments, etc.) are performed using the Integration User account that is used to log into Jira from Salesforce via zAgileConnect package configuration.  Hence, the actual user account logged in Jira Issue activity as the one that created or updated an Issue or Comment is the Integration User account. 

Similarly, Salesforce account that is used to log into Salesforce from Jira is used to access information associated with related Salesforce objects in Jira Issue in Jira, posting comments and attachments to Salesforce, etc. 

Furthermore, Permissions defined for the integration accounts used in each application are used to control access privileges for all actions performed in the corresponding application. 

For on-permise Jira (Jira Server and Jira Data Center), zAgileConnect also attempts to match a Salesforce user's email with that in Jira to find a matching account to perform the operation on behalf of that account.  The actual operation is still performed by the Integration User account, although permissions associated with a specific user's Jira account are used for the operation.  For example, the account creating a Jira Issue from Salesforce will still be the Integration User account.  However, the permission associated with the specific user's Jira account will override those associated with the Integration User account.

Using Individual Jira accounts to Log into Jira from Salesforce

To allow Salesforce users to optionally use their own Jira accounts to perform Issue actions from Salesforce, zAgileConnect provides a configuration option via the Related Jira Issues Lightning Web Component.

Enabling the Login option provides an icon in the Related Jira Lightning Web Component that allows Salesforce users to log into Jira using their own accounts to override the Integration user account.

Revoking User logins to Jira

zAgileConnect package configuration option 1 (Sign in to Jira) provides access to the list of users directly logged into Jira.

From this list, auth tokens for all or selected users who have directly logged into Jira may be revoked.

Once revoked, the Integration User account becomes the default account for all subsequent actions performed in Jira from Salesforce.

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