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zAgileConnect - Dependent Libs and Licenses

This section lists third-party libraries and corresponding licenses bundled with zAgileConnect.

zAgileConnect Salesforce Package

zAgileConnect JIRA Server Add-on

zAgileConnect JIRA Cloud Add-on




Timeago JQuery PluginMIT
Moment JQuery PluginMIT
Expander JQuery PluginMIT
Play FrameworkApache 2
Atlassian Connect Play JavaApache 2

Atlassian JWT Core

Apache 2
Atlassian JWT APIApache 2
Atlassian FugueApache 2
Apache Commons CodecApache 2
Apache Commons LangApache 2
Apache Commons IOApache 2

Play Modules Redis

Apache 2
JavaSimon CoreBSD 3-clause
Jackson CoreApache 2
Jackson DatabindApache 2
Jackson AnnotationsApache 2
Jackson Datatype: JDK8Apache 2
Jackson Datatype: JSR310Apache 2
Xerces2 JApache 2
SnakeYAMLApache 2
Apache HttpCoreApache 2
Apache HttpClientApache 2
Apache HttpClient MimeApache 2

JSoup Java HTML Parser


Hibernate Core

LGPL 2.1



Google Guice Core Library

Apache 2

OAuth Core

Apache 2
JongoApache 2

MongoDB Java Driver

Apache 2

Twilio SendGrid Java Helper Library


PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

BSD 2-clause

Logback Core Module

LGPL 2.1

Logback Classic Module

LGPL 2.1

New Relic Java Agent API

Apache 2

New Relic Java Agent

Apache 2
Json SmartApache 2
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