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Configuring Salesforce Objects to be Creatable from Slack

Chat:Bridge supports the creation of Salesforce objects from Slack via Slack Dialogs.  These are pop up forms that may contain no more than 5 fields that may be populated (text or picklist values) to create a Salesforce object, such as Case, Lead, Contact, etc.  This can be useful and convenient as a way of quickly creating an object from Slack without having to log into Salesforce.

To be able to create Salesforce objects from Slack, you must configure the Required Fields for that object, either through prepopulated values, default values or user prompt via the Slack dialog.

As shown above, the Configuration page shows the Required Fields for Lead (Company, Last Name).

You can add up to 5 fields to the Slack dialog using the Add Fields button. You can also select additional fields that may be prepopulated through default values when creating the object beyond the 5 that will be shown in the Slack dialog.  These additional fields will be populated by Chat:Bridge based on the values specified in this configuration.

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