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Installing Chat:Bridge Package in Salesforce Org

The Chat:Bridge Salesforce package is available directly from the AppExchange.

To install the Chat:Bridge Salesforce package, click on ‘Get it Now‘ from the AppExchange listing. This will install the package into the org for which you provide the credentials.

If you are using a package URL for installation, rather than installing it from the AppExchange, please be sure to replace ‘login’ with ‘test’ in the URL, when installing it in a sandbox

Access to Chat:Bridge by specific users in a production Salesforce org will be managed by the package license. Therefore, it is strongly advised that it be installed for all users.  Specific users for whom it must be enabled may be added to the package license after the installation.

Since Chat:Bridge communicates with Slack through a gateway application hosted by zAgile on the Heroku platform, you will be asked for the following approval to allow bidirectional exchange between the Heroku application and Chat:Bridge.

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