Installation Components

  • Knowledge:Bridge Salesforce package – Manages the license details and provides components for applying stylesheets to the final published article. This package is available for download directly from the Salesforce AppExchange.  You can also install it using the link below:

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

  • Knowledge:Bridge Add-on for Confluence – Allows publishing of Confluence pages to Salesforce Lightning Articles. The Knowledge:Bridge Confluence add-on is available from Atlassian Marketplace or directly from zAgile. A compatible version of the add-on may be installed in your Confluence instance using the Atlassian UPM (Universal Plugin Manager).

Please use the links below to install the Knowledge:Bridge Add-on for Confluence Server

Knowledge Bridge add-on for Confluence Server 1.0.3

Knowledge:Bridge Configurations

Knowledge:Bridge Confluence add-on provides two levels of configuration.

Global configuration – performed by Confluence admin for authenticating Confluence to Salesforce

  1. Configure OAuth credentials for authentication to Salesforce
  2. Authenticate to Salesforce for publishing Confluence pages to Salesforce Lightning Knowledge Articles
  3. Authenticate to Salesforce for previewing published Articles
  4. Backup and Restore Knowledge:Bridge Add-on configuration and activity data

Space configuration – performed by Space Admin for setting up Confluence space for Knowledge:Bridge Publisher

  1. Enable the Space for publishing pages to Salesforce Knowledge Articles
  2. Grant permissions to Confluence Groups for publishing pages to Salesforce
  3. Set Publish Strategy (Free-form or Hierarchical)
  4. Assigning publishing metadata (Channel, Category, Article Type, etc.) to page(s)
  5. Bulk publishing of pages in a Space